Colonization of Mars

As humans attempt to reach further and further into space,
Mars became a popular topic again due to success of Elon Musk’s SpaceX
What actually colonization of mars is
transport millions of people to Mars
That helps in the future of
humanity in the event of a calamity on
on earth and to have
human civilization on multiple planets

The first and most important step in making Mars habitable is to warm it up because
the fundamental problem with Mars today is it’s too cold and
water on Mars exists as ice
There are many ways to heat up the atmosphere of mars to melt ice.
many considered hydrogen bombs to melt ice and also
corralling space rocks from the asteroid belt and crashing them into Mars. these might be workable
in principle that none of them are mostly workable in practice
Why colonization of mars
The reason humans want and should go to Mars is because we humans are an exploring species
it’s what’s made us the dominant species on this planet
It improves the chances for mankind to survive in case the Earth is no longer sustainable.
Although there are many risks associated to Mars colonization

Elon musk mission to mars can sound like a fictional story, but his vision is heading in to reality.
there are many things that people can benefit from.

“one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.”

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