Top 5 study apps for students

Most of the college students will not takes notes.That’s why we have collected the best apps for studying.
These apps will help you work smarter,live better and get through college easily. it will organize your time and notes.

Evernote is a free app, that could store everything you imagine losing track of,like a article,list,even a simple note

2.Oxford Dictionary-Android/ios/web
oxford dictionary is a official app that can help you learn about any English words
there are more than 350,000 words,phrases and meanings,and more than 75,000 audio pronounciation.
size of this app is less than 10 MB

It is a free citation management tool allows users to scan book and journal barcodes with a mobile devices and generate citations automatically.

4.Office Lens-Android/ios/Web
It is a Microsoft app which takes photos of documents,whiteboards,blackboards,magazines,receipt and convert them in to editable and shareable text.

5.Google Drive-Android/ios/
It allows users to store files on their servers and synchronize across devices
it has almost 1 billion users across the globe

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